If your password is expiring and it requires you to change the password when working from home.

You may refer to the below steps to change the password.


Steps to change password from home:


  1. Access office.com, click sign in and type in O365 Login ID and password (Note: O365 password is the same password you login to your office laptop everyday).
  2. Click on the top right-hand corner icon and select My account



  1. On the left hand side, click on Security & privacy and click on Password – Change your password



  1. You may change the password accordingly as shown in the below screenshot.




Please take note of the following if you are changing the password from home:

  • The password to login to office laptop will remain as the old password.
  • The password for accessing O365 Applications (Outlook, SharePoint, One Drive, Teams, etc) will be the new password that you have just changed.
  • Once you bring the office laptop back to office and connect to the corporate network, the password for both the laptop and O365 Applications will synchronise to new password.